Baloombawop by Donna Williams

Baloombawop is read-along, sing-along audio CD , the written story to which can also be found here.

Baloombawop can be used to discuss what its like living in a world that doesn't fit you and being expected, even commanded to conform to a one-size-all 'normality' that doesn't compute.  Equally suitable for kids of all ages and fun loving adults, it celebrates difference, individuality, diversity and how our different 'normalities' make our world so much more colourful.

First published in 2009, Baloombawop is a surreal adventure story by Donna Williams told in Dr Seuss/Roald Dahl/ Lewis Carroll like rhyme from start to finish.  It was written and performed as a children's rock musical by Donna and The Aspinauts throughout 2009 and captivated both special needs and mainstream alike including 'kids at heart'.  It is available to perform for free under a creative commons licence.

The land of Baloombawop and its crazy characters - The Gadoodleborger, Dame Grumpty Do, The Brookenstein Fox, Boogerlooger, Charlie Warmton, Bluster Mc Fluster, The Whirly Twirl Girl, The Gimmety Gimme - almost spring off the page and each can easily lend themselves to individual drama activities. 

You can access this as an ebook for free on my blog through this link.