Autism As A Fruit Salad by Donna Williams

Do you think of autism as disabling, as amazing?  The FRUIT SALAD MODEL OF AUTISM allows you to work out WHY.  Then you will know HOW to start to best explain the strengths and manage the disabilities.

From 1995-2011 I worked with over 1000 people diagnosed on the autism spectrum. In order to best address the needs of children and adults with autism I needed to fathom what was being called or presumed ‘their autism’ and work out the underlying mechanics of each of these things.

Autism As A Fruit Salad is a comprehensive alphabetical 101.  The article comes complete with hyperlinks on the vast collection of over 200 conditions that in combinations can collectively present as 'autism' or 'parts of one's autism'.  Autism As A Fruit Salad should equip those living with and working with autism to move beyond the static 2D model of autism to a dynamic 3D model that goes beyond one-size-fits-all-approaches and gives you tools to tailor approaches to each person.


* Anyone wanting to understand what is involved any particular person's 'autism fruit salad'
* Parents, case managers, behaviour intervention staff, troubleshooters and people with autism looking to gain a clearer sense of what it actually presenting as 'the autism'

You can access this as an ebook for free on my blog through this link