The Adventures Of A Weed

First self published in 1991, The Adventures Of A Weed, is written and illustrated by Donna Williams.  It is an adventure story about a dandelion that fears change and ultimately comes to terms with this fear. 

Gone to seed, a dandelion gets blown around by any and all forces more powerful than itself.  However the dandelion is also a weed that is extremely resilient and it can transition.  Through many challenges I drew on the dandelion as a metaphor for capacity to adapt and survive and adopted *) into my signature to symbolise that I saw this resilience and adaptability as a life long lesson, one I had made part of myself and vowed never to forget.

The Adventures Of A Weed book was written as a metaphor for the anxieties of many children and adults with autism and as a therapeutic tool to help them gain insight into their anxiety and take charge of it.  The Adventures Of A Weed can also be used as a springboard from which to discuss autism and anxiety with siblings and classmates as part of building a more autism friendly world.

You can access this as an ebook for free on my blog through this link