In The Eye Of The Beholder; Essays on Visual Perception by Donna Williams

Think we all see our world through the same eyes? Some of us have dramatically different visual perception.


Whilst Temple Grandin is known for her visual thinking, I was known for talking about the opposite – meaning blindness.  This 117 page collection of easy to read essays explores the relationship of significant visual perceptual disorders on the development of imagination, ability to simultaneously process on more than one sensory channel, dissociation in response to overload, the chronic fight-flight state of Exposure Anxiety, reliance on the system of sensing.  It also looks at presumptions and labeling when someone has significant visual perceptual disorders. 


  • Visual perceptual disorders in autism
  • Visual agnosias: are you trying to blind me?
  • Agnosia, sensory perception and autism
  • Autism, bonding, patterns and reflection
  • Peripheral Vision on the Autism Spectrum
  • Eye contact in babies; What is 'normal'?
  • Body agnosia, autism and Exposure Anxiety
  • Like Colour To The Blind
  • An occupational therapist explores autism
  • 'High functioning' versus 'low functioning' autism; mythbusting
  • The woman who thinks like a cow?
  • Common modes of thought - its broader than thinking in pictures


* Those interested in visual perceptual disorders, Irlen Syndrome, faceblindness, object blindness, context blindness.