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"Music of Beingness" by Donna Williams
"Music of Beingness" by Donna Williams


In Sept 2016 I learned my breast cancer treated in 2011 had become metastatic and spread to my liver and spine.  Metastatic cancer is not a curable situation.  


A autobiographical documentary-animation titled Nobody Nowhere went into development in mid December 2016.    It is produced by Paper Owl Films and Nondescript.  Watch the montage for this film here.  But to get it to the cinema we need your help.  For a film to reach a cinema audience it first needs funding. Hopefully the project will be able to attract funding/investment so the public will one day get to see it. Those interested in supporting production of the film can contact the company here

On 28th Feb I learned no further chemo would have any chance of working for me and I had around 8-12 weeks left to live, probably of which 4 weeks would be reasonable quality time. This film we made together is my legacy.  This film is presently in pre-production.


I spent my last months writing an animated feature film, Ocean Deep, which I worked on with the incredible balance and support of Andrew Brenner of Nondescript and the support of those at Paper Owl Films.  I wrote as far at Act 3 when I learned I was in my last weeks and left Andrew with notes and imagery with which to finish Act 3 and I know after working with him on story lines for a year on the kids animated TV series Pablo, doing the Nobody Nowhere doco with him and Gavin and all our time getting it this far that he will do it great justice in the extensive editing and reshaping process to come and the writing of Act 3.  In this I am proud to call him my co-writer on this animated feature film.  I hope Ocean Deep will one day be seen at cinemas... think of me when you enjoy the popcorn.  This script for this film is presently being completed and then the film will hopefully enter pre-production.



Produced by Charlie Stuart for UK's Channel 4 TV in association with Fresh Film UK and directed by Simon Everson, Jam Jar was filmed in Wales in 1995.  Donna acquired the rights to it in 2009 and made it publicly available.



Diamonds In The Mud - a surreal drama set in the 70s and 80s

The Protege - a classic thriller

The Tower - a supernatural suspense/thriller (script received a commendation at Literary Awards some years ago)

Mc Reedy's Christmas - a dystopian epic romance set in 2100

my husband, Chris Samuel now handles rights in these four screenplays.  Film companies looking to acquire the rights to these should contact him directly.


Footsteps of a Nobody


Elvis My Father

are available to use at no cost under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License as long as I am credited as its writer and I would ask that my husband, Chris Samuel, to be informed of any recordings or performances so he has a chance to experience the use of my work.

Creative Commons License

Footsteps of a Nobody - based on my early life

Baloombawop - a 'Seussian' show for kids and kids at heart.

Elvis, My Father - a tribute to my father

Reactions to Elvis My Father:

"Wow Digger Dunn, remember Bedrock motors well, but what you have written i always think of those days not a truer word has been spoken or written i was there for a big part of it as you know Donna Williams some very wild times i must say but you yourself came out being the SHINING light of it all little sis, loved uncle Jack or arky as he was called sometimes i must say ive missed him everyday since he passed he was a one and only character he was to bad we cant relive the goods times a true story written so well.  Dave xxxx".

"Its a lovely story except its not really a story. It was real life.  What a life. I remember parts of it. The house. The pool. Your room upstairs the velvet wallpaper. Funny how things like that stick. And potato cakes and chips. Still love potato cakes. LOL.  I remember if there was a party there was always a fight and I seem to remember a gun. Fists through the walls. Some excitement those parties.  Helen McDonagh"