'Donna Williams', The Author

To all my readers since 1991.  This year, in Sept 2016 I learned my breast cancer treated in 2011 had become metastatic and spread to my liver and spine.  Metastatic cancer is not a curable situation. 

On 28th Feb I learned no further chemo would have any chance of working for me and I had around 8 weeks left to live, probably of which 4 weeks would be reasonable quality time.

As such, I wanted to thank you all for allowing me to share my knowledge, my passion and my life with you.  It helped give great purpose to my life. 

My physical books will be available from my publishers listed for each title. Most are with Jessica Kingsley Publishers  who also manages foreign rights in those of physical books they publish in English.

There are also a handful of unpublished books LOOKING FOR A PUBLISHER

I also have several ebooks available at no cost.


  • She allows us to understand our own perceptions as never before - New York Times
  • As brave a book as you'll ever read - Los Angeles Times
  • By turns fascinating and harrowing - People Magazine
  • Deserves every superlative a reviewer can muster - The Globe and Mail
  • Powerful enough to make one reassess what it means to be human - Mode
  • By illuminating her own unique perceptions, she allows us to understand our own perceptions as never before...And oh, can she write - The New York Times
  • Every few years I read a book that completely captivates me, taking over my imagination and changing forever my perception of the world. Somebody Somewhere is such a book - The Washington Post
  • To be able to do what Donna Williams has done, by age 27, and to write about it so poignantly and so articulately is to function on a higher level than most 'normal' folk achieve in a lifetime - Boston Globe
  • Provides a shining light into the dark mystery of autism - Detroit Free Press