Published physical books available from my publishers and their distributors




  • <link 53>Nobody Nowhere</link>,
  • <link 54>Somebody Somewhere</link>,
  • <link 55>Like Color To The Blind</link>,
  • <link 56>Everyday Heaven</link>.

Poetry, prose and art:

  • <link 57>Not Just Anything</link>.

Self Help and Professional Training:

My text books have become foundation texts in special education and psychology courses since 1996.

  • <link 58>Autism; An Inside Out Approach</link>,
  • <link 59>Autism and Sensing; The Unlost Instinct</link>,
  • <link 60>Exposure Anxiety; The Invisible Cage</link>,
  • <link 61>The Jumbled Jigsaw</link>.