I have been privileged to work with Donna for the past 6 years as she carried out regular consultancy work at the unit I managed in Staffordshire, UK for children with autism.  She was a brilliant influence on staff, parents and pupils alike.  Donna has a great gift for very quickly identifying pupil's difficulties and needs then offering practical advice to help.  She is always organised and professional in her work and reports and information arrived when she said they would and were extremely detailed and valueable.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

J.A. Birchall, B.Ed, MA (Teacher in charge of Autism Outreach Team)


I have had the privilege of working with Donna Williams for the past 10 years. During this time Donna has worked closely with many members of the Barwon South West Behaviour Intervention Support Team in delivering staff training and providing secondary consultations to families, schools and non-government agencies.  Donna demonstrates remarkable insight into the difficulties faced by people diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, and her ability to convey concepts and practical solutions in an effective and timely manner to such a broad audience is commendable.  We have always found Donna to be extremely reliable, sensitive, ethical and professional when dealing with a range of clients, and all reports completed by Donna, again, demonstrates her breadth of knowledge, insight, and her understanding of this very complex diagnosis. We have witnessed some remarkable changes in people following a visit from Donna, and the follow up feedback obtained from staff, families and support workers clearly indicates that Donna’s work is highly valued by them. I would have no hesitation in not only recommending her services but also supporting her application for recognised prior learning. 

Linda Saffron, Psychologist, Behaviour Intervention Support Services, DHS


I have known of Donna’s work and publications since the 1990s, so it was with a sense of great privilege that I approached working with her in 2005. During that period, Donna has delivered many lectures which I’ve been proud to host and has also provided many consultations to parents and adults who have Autism Spectrum Conditions. She has also advised and guided my work in a number of ways.

I have always found Donna to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable in her approach to her work and I have been astounded at the breadth and depth of her knowledge. Donna takes a very holistic approach to the understanding of Autism and this has led to her acquiring knowledge and skills in many related areas, including education, social care and medicine. I think that Donna is particularly gifted in cross referencing her knowledge and making connections which many others fail to see. She is an inspirational teacher and lecturer.  Donna is particularly gifted with insight and when I’ve worked with her I’ve observed that she is very able to quickly assess people’s needs and recognise solutions for the difficulties that they experience. She relates well to people and her knowledge and guidance has helped many people to lead more fulfilling lives.  I consider Donna to be a true expert in her field. Her contribution to the world’s understanding of Autism is undoubtedly immense and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any course of study at whatever level.

Christine Breakey (MA Autism; BA Hons; CQSW; Cert Ed FE), Spectrum First.


I have known Donna for over 11 years.  Donna has assessed and worked with many clients in various outreach locations. Her assessment, troubleshooting, strategies and report writing has been very well received by many clients and their families. Donna’s suggested interventions have been extremely successful and there has definitely been an improvement in the quality of lives for all those who follow the recommendations.

Bernie Adams (PE Cert Autism), Managing Director, Autism Events


In less than two hours of consultation with Donna, problems we had been suffering for years had answers.   Within two weeks my 5 year old daughter no longer needs to be locked in her room at night. She is feeding herself and she has given up baby bottles.  She goes to the toilet.   How fortunate we are to have the privilege of gaining Donna's direct insight.  How long would we have stumbled around in the dark? Weeks? Months? Years? Forever?  Donna has given us a gift of understanding and hope. She is a Living Legend.  

Lis Eynon, Tauranga, New Zealand.


It has been a privilege to know Donna Williams who has authored 9  books on Autism, some of which are international best sellers. Her knowledge of Autism is first hand and comes from personally experiencing it.  It is not learnt by studying the subject or merely by observing those with Autism.  With her long history of contact and dealings with many many Autistics, her expertise on Autism should be respected. Having read over 150 books on Autism, I personally listen to Donna Williams when she speaks and actually take note of what she says.

On a professional, as well as a personal level Donna is inspirational and her expert advice is invaluable and is virtually impossible to obtain such high quality and practical advice about Autism anywhere in Australia.  I can say this  confidently, as I had been seeking, to no avail, such advice for a long time until, by chance I came across this amazing "Artie Autie".

 Dr Tony Marshal, MB, BS, MHP(NSW), FRACGP
 Family Physician, Frankston, Victoria, Australia


Donna has a very impressive ability to recognise and focus in on the particular difficulties being experienced by individuals across the spectrum of autism conditions. Having identified the issues, she explains them to the individual and his/her carer in a way appropriate to each person's level of comprehension and way of communicating, recommending strategies to overcome the presenting issues.  Her written reports are thorough, very helpful and arrive when she says they will. She has very high ethical standards and is a professional I would have no hesitation in recommending to those needing an expert in autism.

Kathryn Erangey, Autism Oxford


It was Christmas night, I came home from seeing my teenage son, Eric.  It was the saddest day that I have ever experienced. I was lost and beside myself with sorrow. I sat there Christmas night writing my email to you, not expecting you to respond for a few days, but within an hour there was your email back to me. Since that night we have had quite few consultations, and its the best thing I've ever done. Nobody, no doctors, specialists, nobody at all has been able to guide me and advice me in the right way. Only you Donna.  You came up with all the answers.  You knew how my son was feeling and why he behaved the way he did. You explained Dependent Personality Disorder to me (DPD), which I had never heard of before. You sent videos, internet links, gave me examples, you made it easier for me to understand my own son. My only regret is that I didn't do the consultation work with you a year earlier. Donna I don't know what I would of done without your guidance, I honestly cant thank you enough.  Your guidance has helped me survive the year and made me a stronger woman and mother.

Mardi Andrasek


I remember when my son was first diagnosed at around two and a half and I was told he needed speech therapy, playgroup and early intervention and was given a booklet on all the resources available to me to help and sent on my way. Well it was a maze to say the least. I got on the net and found so much information, I didn't know where to begin and what was relevant. Over the next four years, I undertook a lot of research, but nothing gave me what one day with Donna Williams did.  She is not a social worker, not a psychologist, not a dietician, GP, naturopath, homeopath, neurologist, immunologist, etc, etc, etc.

Donna provided me with a perspective, understanding and the most valuable information on issues associated with Autism, that you would get from all of the people I just mentioned in one place. Moreover, she provided a perspective from more than one side of autism. Thorough, clear, precise, and dedicated, I felt that she was reading my mind and answering questions before I even asked them. Her assessments were mind-blowing and accurate and her report was clear, easy to follow and full of ideas and strategies to work with the issues that exist in my family.  A warm, interesting, beautiful soul, Donna Williams was a catalyst to a new phase in my family's life and a step forward in understanding the world of autism and related issues.  Thank you so much Donna.

Anastasia Maragakis, Australia


As a mentor and a good friend Donna has given me the determination to carry on. Her lectures, website and emails give me the extra knowledge to sort out my 'autism fruit salad' making the world a less intimidating place to live in. More people should listen to Donna who helps to remove the barriers to learning and help make bridges between us.

Zoe, UK


For the better part of three years now, Donna Williams has counselled and aided me through anxiety and self-destructive behaviours, including self-harm and social isolation. She reached me through a range of ways, beginning as a brief couple of words from outside my bedroom door (where I had mostly been for a year and a half) as I didn't want to meet anyone. That progressed on to art therapy, and it wasn't long before Donna taught me how to become social in a safe and supportive environment.

Donna Williams was able to connect with me through her books, art, music and face-to-face counselling, even though I am not diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. She was able to do what none of my other counsellors; psychiatrist and psychologists were able to do; give me a sense of self. I'm now back at school and on my way towards working in the field of Social Work.

K.Toni, 18, Australia


Consulting with Donna made an enormous difference in both my daughter's life and my own. I was so frustrated after trying the recommended therapies and programs of the day which promised to help children with autism regain their ability to cope, learn and communicate only to find my daughter slipping further and further away. Donna taught me to be patient and respectful, to allow my daughter the space to approach me when she was ready for input rather then force-feeding her drills and stimulation from morning to night. She taught me about my daughter's Exposure Anxiety; about her need for time alone and gentle, indirect approaches rather than the demanding and highly stimulating methods we'd been using. My daughter responded immediately and joyfully to the approach I learned from Donna and for this I will be forever grateful!

Lisa Edmond, Temecula, California, U.S.A.


Deal provides services for children and adults with little or no functional speech, and we regularly refer clients with difficult behaviours to Donna. She consults with the families of people with ASD, providing valuable insights into many behavioural issues, and generates detailed and professional reports. Our clients have been very appreciative of her services.

Rosemary Crossley, A.M., M.Ed., Ph.D.


Donna's willingness and ability to help us with our son, Gordy, has been a Godsend. Her insight into how he experiences the world has provided a window for us to better understand and support him. Donna has answered questions for us that no one else ever dared. A time when we thought we had heard it all, read it all, known it all, Donna lead us to invaluable new resources, remedies and strategies to address our son's medical, emotional, psychological, sensory and behavioral issues. Although we live on opposite sides of the world from each other, Donna's compassion has been an invaluable source of support. Knowing that 'an answer' from Donna would be there on our computer in the morning, has gotten us through many a dark night. Her vigilance and optimism are an inspiration. And for all her experience and incomparable expertise in the field, her rate for email consultation is the best bargain on the entire planet.

Gordy's Grateful Mom


The minute we saw you, you changed our lives for ever for our son George.  We have taken your advice to the tee.  As a result this boy has changed immensely.  He now knows his alphabet, his numbers up to 20 all his body parts, also spells 7 words, his toilet training is excellent now, his speech is excellent in sentences and he is voicing what he wants.  We are on the journey, and what a challenging journey it is!  We do get bad days but nothing like before.  Thanks again.

Mary Alam, Australia


I have struggled to exist since I was little, since I can remember. I'm now 38 and I've had several therapists, some National Health Service people, some private and I had all but given up hope that someone would reach who I really am and how I function. My depression and my OCD were diagnosed no problem, but this became a diagnostic blanket which covered my real problems. Whilst browsing the web I found Donnas site and followed up several other sites on autism, a rather large old rusty penny crashed into place. I wrote to Donna for a consultation with massive fears about confidentiality but Donna was professional, friendly and knew her grounds inside and out.

Donna is patient, warm, funny, and intelligent. Her insight and understanding have given me the ability to fight back and finally understand who, why and what I am, how I function or dysfunction in a world of people that feel alien to me. Her advice, explanations and kindness have been well wrapped in total professionalism. In my own opinion, Donna remains the world authority in understanding and helping all those across the autistic spectrum. I only wish I had met her years ago.

Donna is an inspiration and the way forward for autistic/asperger/autistic spectrum/high functioning adults and children alike and I wish her every success with all those out there who desperately need an explanation, diagnostic teacher and friend.



The help that I and my 14 year old eccentric, autistic son have received from Donna via her email consultancy has been of outstanding value. She stood by me and guided me through crisis like when my son started and consequently stopped self harming. She has always inspired me and come up with answers I would have never known or thought about but which worked - be it about health issues, problems at school, problems at home , or about my own personal struggles with life. She has challenged me when my attitude stood in the way of our progress. Knowing that she is there behind the screen has been such a support. I find her approach unique, dedicated, caring and uplifting. I feel privileged to have received Donna's services. My son's life and my own life are infinitely better for it.

Malai Sontheimer, single parent, counsellor and acupuncturist, Bristol England


Our son Archie is 7, non-verbal, and severely autistic. He's funny, affectionate and loves to tease us. He also has many obsessive compulsive behaviours. In our initial consultation with Donna I asked how to deal with these compulsions and obsessions. At that time our calendar had been stuck on January for 7 months (attempts to take it down or turn over the page were met with meltdowns), and I was not allowed to open any windows in the house (again opening a window resulted in a meltdown). Within a couple of days of our first consultation the calendar had been taken off the wall, and 3 windows in the house were open, all achieved with little complaint from Archie.

We're now working with Donna to better understand how Archie perceives the world and how we might use this knowledge to increase his ability to communicate. Donna has such an insight into Archie's world and is able to pass this onto us, thus providing us with the tools and confidence we need to help him. Her emails are considered, thoughtful, extremely informative and an absolute bargain. My only regret is that we didn't start sooner.

Archie's Mum, UK.


Donna demonstrated an almost clairvoyant ability to get under the skin and inside the mind of my daughter. But anyone who has read Donna's books will know that this uncanny ability is founded on long hard personal struggle and extensive research in which she pursues all avenues without prejudice. This is, quite possibly, an unrivaled combination within the world of autism and in her consultations Donna shares the fruits of this with great generosity of spirit. I can only recommend to other parents (and professionals) to take advantage of this very reasonably priced service. Over the years my daughter has seen any number of professionals, but even when helpful, none have shown this depth of compassionate understanding of the autistic mind.

Not every parent will have the energy or resources to pursue all the options that Donna offers, so be prepared to select what feels right and possible at the time.

David Clark


I was invited to one of Donna's workshops by a mother who also has an autistic daughter.  Donna quoted  'Regarding the present view of Autism, we are the idiots of tomorrow'.  Listening to her seminar changed everything.  I instantly arranged a private consultation. Donna was the first person who actually told me why Lena behaved the way she did.  Donna taught me how an holistic approach could help my daughter and how just by changing my teaching methods Lena could have great improvement.  I began to see incredible changes in Lena, and for the first time since Lena had been diagnosed I felt hope.  Under Donna's guidance I have been able to help my child communicate with me.  I am my daughter's guide in her life.  Lena has really been my teacher.  And if it wasn't for Donna I may have not seen or understood it.

Maria Kromidellis


I consulted with Donna via email when I didn't know where else to turn. My son was 14, in middle school, and refusing to attend school. The "professionals" were telling us that he needed to be put in an institution; that there was nothing they could do.  Through a series of emails, with me, and then with my son, Donna helped us through the maze of difficulties that faced us. We forged a brave path, going against the advice of every other practitioner. Donna's information and advice was spot on. My son began to thrive, and he started to become his old self again.  Now, 8 years later, he is about to graduate from college, with a degree in programming. He is happy and calm. We have a terrific relationship, and he has a wonderful group of friends. I couldn't be happier that I consulted with Donna, and highly recommend that others do the same.

Sara Gardner, California, now Seattle, U.S.


In 2010 I was diagnosed with Autism I wanted to learn more about the "mechanics" of what was driving the way I communicated and received information. I was not disappointed, Donna over the past many years with her "Fruit Salad Analogy" has helped me with succinct, concise and invaluable information and insight into the various processing issues which I have how they work and this has in turn helped me explore other aspects of my Autism through empowerment and encouragement from Donna with humility, respect and humour.  Donna's help has not only helped me understand my Autism but also the importance of my identity and personhood too this has made me feel more balanced, positive and open minded and more able to challenge myself .

I highly recommend Donna on the basis of her kindness, depth, knowledge and encouragement of going forward in your strengths once you have recognised them.

Paul Isaacs (Autistic Speaker, Trainer, Author & Consultant)