Aspinauts Players Present...


Footsteps of a Nobody

Written and produced by Donna Williams and performed by Donna and The Aspinauts throughout 2009.

Footsteps of a Nobody is a powerful musical production from the author of the international best seller, Nobody Nowhere; Autiobiography of an Autistic Girl.  The show, traces her  transformation from a seemingly deaf, psychotic, 'feral' child to citizen of the world.   Through Shakespearian meter and rhythmic prose, striking characterisations, and vibrant song and musicianship, Footsteps of a Nobody explores the magic of childhood and escapism against a backdrop of homelessness, abuse and disability and will ultimately escort you to the heights and depths of our shared humanity.

Check back as the CD of the show has been recorded and should be available in early 2017 from CD Baby.


Sometimes harrowing but artistically beautiful. Inspirational.

- The Observer

What struck me from the beginning was Donna's generosity. In particular, her willingness to be so open - showing both great strength and vulnerability. I was immediately drawn in by her use of different techniques to share her story - spoken word, gesture, characterisations and song. Through the use of even the most basic prop, she was able to evoke vivid memories of her childhood that seemed to draw the audience in. Her narrative verse was beautifully constructed and so very compelling. A unique and powerful experience.

- Cathrine Brian, Theatre People

Outstanding. A great night, fantastic performance, amazing music and wonderful conversation provoked afterwards!

- Kelly O'Brien

Extremely moving. A beautiful voice and the poetry and song lyrics are amazing! An Inspirational show.

- Jill Young





Baloombawop was an interactive, off the wall, musical adventure for kids and kids at heart.  Written and produced by Donna Williams and performed by Donna and The Aspinauts through 2009.  Evoking the works of Dr Seuss, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl. The land of Baloombawop was magically brought to life through the complete dag-dom of The Aspinauts and the gestural signing and characterisations of their storyteller-lead singer, Donna Williams.

Once upon tough time, there were Grumpy Gallumphies who didn't like strangeness it made them quite grumpy. Then a magical train arrived from a dream and those who could dare, they had dared to get in. It was off to Baloomba-wop where they had purple rain, and a shop that even sold new replacement brains!

They would meet Charlie Warmton whose best friend was a blanket, and the Brookenstein Fox who lives up on a shelf, and Bluster-McFluster with his technical gadgets and the Gimmety-Gimme with everything for herself. They'd meet Booger-looger who picks his nose now and then and the Whirly-twirl-girl who never stops for a friend. And not to mention the Gadoodleborger who runs a magical shop which just happens to be where the train is to stop.

But there's a spy in Baloomba-wop, a Grumpy Gallumphy, the notorious Dame Grumpty-Doobee-the-Fourth. And she doesn't like strangeness at all so she wants to make everyone so very 'normal' of course. She is looking to change Baloomba-wop for forever. She's determined to make all these weirdoes quite plain. Will she be stopped before everything's 'normal', I wonder. Or succeed making all be exactly the same?

The CD of the show can be bought through CD Baby here.