Donna Williams' music résumé

Early days

  • Singing since early childhood.
  • First played piano aged 14.
  • Began songwriting in the early 80s.


  • Became an international bestselling author, interviewed world wide, featured in 3 international documentaries, became an international public speaker (and by 2008 developed a following of millions with over 10,000 hits per month on <link 21>home site</link> and <link>associated blog</link>.

1992 - 1998

  • 1992 Recorded first demo in the UK with pianist Reg Web
  • 1998 Recorded second demo, this time with German guitarist, Stefan Kissel and UK keyboard player, Mick Jones

1999 - 2003

  • Recorded first professional album, Nobody Nowhere with UK producer/arranger Paul Farrer
  • 2000 Nobody Nowhere album starts selling through CD Baby, iTunes, Tower Records etc
  • 2000 Two songs from Nobody Nowhere album: Beyond The When and Sometimes went into international TV series, 'Things You Taught Me'
  • 2001 Performed live with Mick Jones and his band, Midlands, UK
  • Moved back to Australia after 12 years living in the UK
  • 2003 Songs from Nobody Nowhere album get played on community radio stations in NSW and Victoria.

2006 - 2007

  • Recorded 2nd album, Mutation with Australian producer/arranger Akash and it begins to sell through CD Baby and a wide range of associated online music outlets.
  • 2007 the track 'Enemy Lines' enters top 50 on Idol Underground (now Artist Underground)
  • 2007 Sang UK wide during annual public speaking tours
  • 2007 Sang at University of New Hampshire, USA as part of an international public speaking engagement.
  • The track 'Still Awake' enters top 50 on Idol Underground (now Artist Underground)


  • <a href="/aspinauts.0.html">Donna & The Aspinauts</a> forms in June 2008.
  • Became an interviewer for Visions TV at Channel 31 (Melbourne)
  • Sang in Orange County, Reno, Philadelphia, Dallas, during 4 state US public speaking tour
  • Released samples of ambient live recordings of 6 tracks on MySpace on 5th December. Within 24 hours the Aspinauts page had over 400 song plays and over 1000 profile views.


  • Jan 2009, first gig, Ruby's Lounge, Belgrave.
  • March 2009, recorded the song 'Don't Know This Me' about Black Saturday which was played on Joy FM
  • April 2009 performed at the Rock n Rebuild Bushfire Relief Concert in aide of Black Saturday
  • May 2009 did our first theatre review at The Butterfly Club
  • May 2009 did our first performance of the rock musical Footsteps of a Nobody, performed at The Carlton Courthouse
  • June 2009 established Aspinauts for Kids which performed our second rock musical, Baloombawop at a holiday camp for children with disabilities
  • August 2009 did our first regional theatre performance of Footsteps of a Nobody at Wodonga Civic Centre
  • Had had over 40,000 profile views on their MySpace and developed a loyal following of thousands
  • Began working on their debut album, Broken Biscuit.


  • <link 303>Broken Biscuit</link>, the Aspinauts debut album gets released.
  • Donna and The Aspinauts perform Footsteps of a Nobody at Wendouree Performing Arts Centre
  • Aspinauts children's choir gets established
  • Aspinauts music mentoring gets established