Autism: An Inside Out Approach by Donna Williams

What if there was an encyclopedia of easy to implement, low cost and no cost strategies to make environments more autism friendly, to maximise information processing, reduce anxiety and fight-flight states, and minimise meltdowns?  This is what you'll find in this book.

This is Donna Williams' first of four published text books and a bestseller in the field of developmental disabilities, published in 1996, dramatically altered the way professionals worked with those on the autistic spectrum and is now sold in various languages around the world.

Unlike any text books written by non-autistic professionals, this easy to read manual draws on an 'Inside-Out' approach giving detailed suggestions on strategies to reduce these burdens in a way which takes account of the experience of 'autism', from the inside. This book looks at motivations from a distinctly autistic perspective but, more importantly, focuses on reducing the vastly unexplored area of anti-motivations experienced by people with autism-spectrum conditions.


  • 1. A Bucket Full of Jigsaws   
  • 2. What is This Thing Called 'Autism'?   
  • 3. Tackling the Bogie-Man o f 'Autism'  
  • 4. The Mixed Bag Found in One Classroom
  • 5. Approaches to 'Autism'   
  • 6. The Straws on the Camel's Back  
  • 7. Problems of Connection   
  • 8. Revisiting Adaptations and Compensations   
  • 9. Artificial Limbs  
  • 10. 'Hyper-Connection' Chapter
  • 11. Problems of Tolerance  
  • 12. Problems of Control
  • 13. Communication  
  • 14 Sleepwalker-Sleeptalkers and 'Savant Skills'  
  • 15. Personality 
  • 16. Asperger Syndrome?   
  • 17. Seeing 'Systems'   
  • 18. Education  
  • Appendices
  • Hints
  • Index


* Those wanting easy low/no cost environmental strategies to improve information processing
* Those wanting easy low/no cost environmental strategies to reduce meltdowns
* Those wanting easy low/no cost environmental strategies to make environments more 'autism friendly'
* Those wanting easy low/no cost environmental strategies that derive from an 'autistic normality'
* Those preferring a quick-dip book that quickly gives easy to implement low/no cost strategies

What readers said:

Autism: An Inside-Out Approach, has succeeded in telling experts on autism things they didn't know.  Donna is intelligently critical of the popular and professional stereotypes of autism. She demands an end to the professional exclusivism and arrogance of so many proponents of therapies for autism. Donna proposes a "supermarket" approach, where the different therapies work together under the one roof to meet the unique set of problems of each autistic individual they serve.  The appendix to Autism: An Inside-Out Approach, is full of helpful advice on issues and problems involved in dealing with autism.  Autism: An Inside-Out Approach is "extremely recommended" reading.



Kudos to Donna Williams for debunking the tired stereotypes about people with autism. The book did an excellent job of providing a wide array of information about autism in a "reader friendly" format.  This book is like a magnet; readers will continue to be drawn to it and will continue "dipping into it" for information and guidance.  Every educator, parent, person with autism should not be without. We need this book!

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