Echoes by Donna Williams & Chris Samuel

Echoes is a beautiful 58 page book filled with quotes by Donna Williams and illustrated with the photography of her husband Chris Samuel.  

It features humorous, moving, evocative, insightful quotes from Donna's books, blog articles, public presentations and beyond.  Chris Samuel's photographic works have been exhibited at galleries, online and appeared in mainstream TV media.  


* Those interested in autistic experience, perspectives, perception and culture
* Those interested in the flow between personhood and condition
* Those who are not big readers but like a dip-in easy read book
* Quirky thinkers, individuals, those feeling estranged and looking to relate
* Those who enjoy photography, quotes, affirmations
* Those who like "coffee table" books they can browse


What readers said:

Donna Williams' e-book "Echoes" is truly an inspiration.   Her many observations on life -- both hers and ours -- are brilliant, timely and impactful.  Chris Samuel's photography is exquisite.  What a wonderful way to begin the holiday season! --Sheldon I. Altfeld, President & CEO, Liberty Film & TV, LLC

Simple yet deep wisdom put forth in language that manages to make intangibles as real as a hot pancake. Comforting, nourishing, affirming. Witty to boot! I feel lighter and zippier now, having experienced it. Thank you, Donna and Chris." - Harry Hart, Hollywood actor and writer.

I love ECHOES!  What a beautiful, compassionate and wise book.  - Norman Stephens, Hollywood producer and director.

These are extraordinary quotes. Beautiful photos match them perfectly.

 I started reading it and looking at the pictures, and haven't gotten anything else done since!

Beautiful, inspiring, the photos go really well with the quotes on them.

"Echoes" both delighted and enlightened me.

You demonstrate to me a  dance of both contemplation and forward movement and action.  I have read all the passages through and seen all the wonderful images and will do so many times again and feel enriched and connected.